Jovial Organic Sourdough Einkorn Crackers Sea Salt (10x4.5 OZ)

Using the traditional wisdom of generations ago, our artisan bakers use einkorn sourdough to slowly and naturally leaven our new organic crackers without commercial yeast or chemical leavening agents. Our artisans have been baking bread in Bologna, Italy, since 1965 and their knowledge of sourdough baking is what makes our crackers very special.One batch takes nearly 24 hours to complete because we refresh the starter, mix a pre-ferment which is left to proof overnight, then the final dough is mixed in the morning, left to rise again, and then baked at low temperatures so the crackers stay light and flavorful.Einkorn is natureÍs original wheat and the only one never to have been hybridized. With 30% more protein than modern wheat, jovialÍs einkorn crackers provide 3g of protein in each delicious serving. We do not add sugar, natural flavors, or emulsifiers to our crackers.
Pack Size: 10/4.5 OZ

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